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Marketing Automation Manager Position with Fun, Innovative Marketing Technology Company

Entrepreneurial. Proactive. Accountable. Organized. 
Would you use these words to describe yourself?

Located at The Mill in Wilmington, DE, but with the ability to work from pretty much anywhere, you won’t find cubicles and a segmented workspace here. Our team is a creative and talented group of inbound and digital marketing professionals that make the environment a place you’ll WANT to be.

Some of the benefits of working with Tapp include:

  • Free Training, and the ability to grow and learn
  • Flexible work schedules and remote work
  • Paid time off
  • A lot of coffee and energy drinks (we are very energetic)
  • Health and dental insurance
  • Happy hours, lunches, and a number of social events

Since 2012, Tapp Network has been providing marketing and technology solutions to mission-driven organizations that have challenges in their communities.

Our work spans the globe and consists of marketing strategies, media, event planning, podcasting, content development, inbound marketing, social impact technologies and a host of client specific technological builds (think cybersecurity, distracted driving, LMS systems and communities in crisis).

This Job Looks Like:

  • Implement, integrate and provide marketing automation and customer journey roadmaps for our clients
  • Collaborate with CTO in scoping requirements and needs to deliver impactful enhancements to our overall marketing technology stack.
  • Lead/partner with internal stakeholder groups and clients to ensure the systems and processes meet the needs of the marketing organization to plan, execute, and measure campaigns and initiatives.
  • Monitor all marketing technology for day-to-day operations, issue resolution, and overall systems management.
  • Participation in brainstorming and strategy meetings across teams
  • 2 days a week in office, 3 remote (on average)
We Need You To...
  • Be the In-house expert on technical configuration, integration, and coordination of our Marketing Automation
  • Platforms and programs such as HubSpot, AirTable, and Zapier.
  • Understand how to effectively lead teams and communicate with leadership
  • Communicate clearly with team members and clients
  • Present to clients in a thoughtful and organized manner
  • Be willing to learn new technology and tools
  • Own your own equipment
  • Lots of collaboration and asking, "How can we do this better?"
You’ll Work Well With Us If You Are...
  • Entrepreneurial - Working remotely means you need to work well on your own without micromanaging.
  • Organized - The ability to project manage is a huge asset, but at the minimum, you need to keep track of your tasks, time, and files without losing things or needing to be asked several times for deliverables.
  • Strategic - You need to be able to see the big picture and create designs that work towards and support our client’s goals.
  • Proactive - With new opportunities come new obstacles. Our agency is growing quickly and we don’t always have the best solutions to every problem, which is why we look for problem-solvers to suggest new ideas, and to jump in when they see things that get overlooked.
  • Friendly - We're a team that strives to be mindful of our people and our clients. We want you to have a happy, productive and pride filled experience when you refer to Tapp as that place where you work

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