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Major Gifts

The 2nd Floor of the House of Development

Date: December 11th, 2019
Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT
Location: GoToWebinar

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Does your organization know how to engage high-net worth donors? Do you understand and utilize moves management? If not, you’re not alone!

Cogeo and Tapp Network invite you listen along as we review the various elements of a major-gifts program and how it is vital to the short-and-long term success of an organization’s fundraising and community-building efforts. Cogeo and Tapp will also review best business practices for moves management as a part of major gifts activity and demonstrate how these activities fuel all other parts of the smart home.


Attendees will walk away from the webinar with a better understanding of:

  • A basic understanding of a major gifts program
  • How to evaluate ROI of a major gifts program
  • Greater awareness of how major gifts and moves management activity fuel all other areas of the smart home
  • A better understanding of how technology and data management practices are implemented

Our Speakers

Rob Kusel Headshot

Rob Kusel

Managing Director of Cogeo

As the Managing Director at Cogeo, Rob provides organizational advice and development services to nonprofits to optimize their efficiency and long-term sustainability. Rob has served as the Vice President and Partner of Essex and Drake Fund Raising Counsel, Director of Development for Major Gifts at Stanford University, and Director of Development and External Affairs for Blue Oak School. Rob's experience covers nonprofit technologies and fundraising for many organizations within the nonprofits and education industries.



Jenn Wells

Creative Director of Tapp Network

Jenn's passion is helping nonprofits and mission-driven organizations change the world through strategic design. As Creative Director at Tapp Network, she gets to do just that with branding, digital marketing, and technology solutions for their clients. Jenn branded and developed social media strategies for Delaware Changing Lives, designed the website for the Opioid Impact Network, and manages the promotion and social media for Tapp's nonprofit workshop series.

Join us December 11th at 3:30pm EDT to learn proven fundraising tactics!